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This Is Grace Studio

Grace Studio offers tools for better branding by serving up generous portions of visual design, photography & digital goodness.

My motivation is to see artisan businesses ~ wineries, brewers, food artisans, conscious farmers ~ get the digital tools they need to succeed. If you’d like to see examples of my print & identity projects you can check out my design portfolio or click on sites I’ve designed:

Sip 47 Wine Consortium~ sip47.com  |  Privé Vineyard ~ privevineyard.com  |  Anindor Vineyards ~ anindor.com

Museum of the City  ~ museumofthecity.org  |  Copper Maiden ~ coppermaiden.com

You can always contact me or subscribe to Gracenotes ~ that way we’ll always be in touch.

Tools for Better Branding

I’m kind of a branding nut. I believe strongly in the power, the confidence, the voice & the memorable-ness of a good brand. Which is always good for business. I’m working right now on the pages {wordsmithing} that explain what I can do for your brand. You may certainly download the Bonus Track from my Branding Workshop Podcast in the meanwhile, if you like.

Good Design

Good design goes to heaven. Bad design goes everywhere. Send your brand to heaven. Invest in good design. Take a look at my Design Portfolio & see what it’s like to work together on good design.

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Web Design

A website should be your friend. I like designing websites in WordPress because my clients only have to buy a design once ~ they can learn to make the content their own, without having to wait for the designer to do it for them. And the SEO {search engine stuff} & responsive design {mobile prettiness} is built right in. See the links above to view examples of my work.

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Digital Goodness

Design is my favorite. But design is digital a lot of the time too. So I do that.

I clear up cobwebs by way of one-on-one instruction, Digital Marketing Workshops & correcting the SEO on your website.

Street cred: Graduate of Digital Marketing Strategies & Interactive Media certificate programs at Portland State University.