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This Is Grace Studio

Grace Studio offers tools for better branding by serving up generous portions of visual design, photography & digital goodness.

My motivation is to see artisan businesses ~ wineries, brewers, food artisans, conscious farmers ~ get the digital tools they need to succeed. I have a unique ability to ‘talk tech’ with developers and ‘talk design’ with creative forces, & I also work in both realms as well.

Please explore the site & see how we might work together to make your brand ~ your face to the world ~ strong, vibrant & relevant.

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Tools for Better Branding

I’m kind of a branding nut. I believe strongly in the power, the confidence, the voice & the memorable-ness of a good brand. Which is always good for business.

Download the Bonus Track from my Branding Workshop Podcast to get a sample of my approach.

Good Design

Good design goes to heaven. Bad design goes everywhere. Send your brand to heaven. Invest in good design. Take a look at my Design Portfolio & see what it’s like to work together on good design.

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Web Design

A website should be your friend. I like designing websites in WordPress because my clients only have to buy a design once ~ they can learn to make the content their own, without having to wait for the designer to do it for them. And the SEO {search engine stuff} & responsive design {mobile prettiness} is built right in. See the Web Portfolio for examples.

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Digital Goodness

Design is my favorite.

But design is digital a lot of the time too. So I do that. I clear up cobwebs by way of one-on-one instruction, Digital Marketing Workshops & correcting the SEO on your website. Street cred: Graduate of Digital Marketing Strategies & Interactive Media certificate programs at Portland State University.