Actually, my name isn’t Grace – it’s Tari – but I enjoy answering to both.

I’ve been taking pictures for what seems like forever: teen compositions, new baby photos (when I became a mother), travel photos, a couple gallery shows, & a myriad of client projects that have included architecture, landscape design, senior pictures & lifestyle portraiture. I currently focus on: farms & vineyards, editorial, product & food, & artisan works.

I’ve been graphic design-ing since about 2010, when I finished a Digital Media Certificate at Portland State University. This also led to a ten-year stint at designing websites. I don’t design websites any longer (unless you twist my arm), but I do have themes I’ve developed that can be nested into a WordPress parent theme (Divi) with customizations made to fit. {Coming soon}

The best part about my education at PSU was learning about branding. So many facets combine to create an overall brand message that is consistent across all media: print, web, in-person, & (of course) images.  I designed a syllabus & have conducted branding workshops for groups, but I now work with clients one-on-one in a two-day setting that brings all the elements to the forefront, and delivers a Brand Book that illustrates all the things you’ve chosen in our exercise to keep your brand on track.

I recently moved from the Willamette Valley to Central Oregon & you can bet I’m enjoying the sunshine, the big sky, & the stars. But I regularly make ventures from my new home for client services & location photography. {road trip!}

In addition to kayaking, cycling & road trips & trips abroad, I maintain an acreage with gardens & do a bit of beekeeping.



Send me an email with your thoughts. You can request a media kit or just share your ideas & ask questions.

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