The services I offer at Grace Studio are intended to make you shine. Every task is crafted with an artisan eye, a careful hand & a brand consistency so your style is prominent & memorable, no matter the media.

Each of the services below starts with a Media Kit you can order, to see how I work & approach each type of task. If you feel my style fits with yours, you can then order a proposal that will be crafted to address your unique needs.



Let’s bring all the tools to the table – your ideas for branding your business & my expertise at drawing them together – to make a brand you can weave into your work to make it memorable & alive.

The concept of branding dates back more than 7,000 years, when brands were symbols and engravings used by artisans in China, India, Greece, Rome, & Mesopotamia to differentiate their work. Two hundred years ago, it included the practice of putting a symbol on livestock to show ownership – a practice that is legally required to this day.

When we think of ‘brand’ with regard to a business or artisan effort, it reflects a series of things (colour, flavor & vibe, symbol, ethos, etc.) that “show ownership” – who the look & feel of a designed brand belongs to.

Branding (or re-branding) is a combined effort between you & me. I do the research to ensure your visual brand is unique, & work with you to dig deep into the ‘why’ of your practice, its essence & what it stands for. It’s a good bit of work; one that when complete will enable you to stand out in the marketplace & differentiate your business from others.

To see what work is involved & what you get for our hard work, order a Branding Media Kit that will detail the process, a suggested timeframe, & give you a clear understanding of the investment needed & the work you will commit to.


Print design is novel because it allows someone to hold your brand in their hands. The item, the paper, the layout, the visuals – all make for a memorable brand experience.

Design encompasses every form of media that can be experienced by the five senses – even sound can be designed! Your work with me may be a logo or product logo, it might be a folder or catalogue, or it could be a unique packaging item.

It’s important to understand the communication & decision-making that is part of the design process, & the timeline for making it happen. Good design cannot be rushed, but good design can stand the test of time. The Design Media Kit will lay out the requirements & draft approvals in a way that provides a solid understanding of how a design comes together.


A picture is worth a thousand first impressions. What do your photos make someone remember when they call to mind your brand?
Let’s fix that.

Photo shoots can be ordered for editorial-on-location & product photography with little lead time, & the turnaround to deliver images is about a week.

I shoot product in the studio or on location, but do 99% of my lifestyle/editorial shooting on location. It just feels more authentic to me to capture this in its native element.

Let’s have a chat about your vision for photos that communicate your brand & reach out to your most likely buyers.

Write Tari About Your Project
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Brand Photography

Photographs can invite your audience to get acquainted with your brand.
Let’s create a beautiful conversation!

Photography is a tool to bring your brand into sharp focus, make it alive & three-dimensional. It illustrates a product, but puts that product into a ‘scene’ that tells a story & makes it memorable in the minds of your most likely buyers.

This type of photography is a longer process than the photography mentioned above. It takes thought, strategy, styling & planning. To better understand the process of how I produce images that show your business & product in its best light, & how you will participate in the process, order the Brand Photography Media Kit.

Visual design is a delicious bunch of goodness & we’ll be working closely together.

Let’s see if we’re a good fit.

you are deeply invested in the success of your business

you have a deep appreciation for design
& want your materials to be intuitive

you get the whole branding thing
or will invest to make it part of your toolkit

you know what you know & what you don’t know,
when to speak & when to listen

you try very hard to make timely decisions
so the work can progress

your finances are in order for this project
so the work can progress